Advocating to fund, build and maintain a
complete, active transportation system.

Our vision is that Denver has people-friendly streets that make biking, walking and accessing transit safe, easy, and convenient for people of all ages, incomes, and abilities.

The Problem: Our City is Stuck


Stuck in indecision

The infrastructure to walk and bike safely has been underfunded for years. At current funding levels it would take more than 50 years to build complete sidewalk and bike lane networks.


Stuck without viable options

Many people have no choice but to drive. They do not have a safe walking or biking route or access to transit to and from their work, school, park, or local store.


Stuck in traffic

More and more people are moving to Denver every day and the number of people who drive alone is climbing. Transportation issues are the #1 concern for Denver residents.

The solution: denver invests

Invest $40 million a year into building and maintaining our walking and biking networks. This will bring Denver on par with other major US cities, and create the options people want to get around safely.

A better bike and ped network means:

Access to amenities, services and opportunities

Better individual and community health

Stronger local and household economies

Improved air quality

Sustainable lifestyle options

If you live in Denver, we need your help!

We are calling on Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver City Council members to increase annual dedicated city funding for sidewalks, bike lanes and B-cycle to $40 million each year in order to meet city mobility goals and complete critical active transportation networks. That level of funding is the only way to achieve complete sidewalks and bike networks within 20 years. The current level of annual funding is only $5 million.


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